Photo Gallery Tan Thoi Hiep


Community Center of Tan Thoi Hiep – Vietnam

Community Center of Tan Thoi Hiep – Vietnam In December 2010, all members of the foundation traveled to Vietnam to establish a basis for the first projects. They began by handing the assistant packages over to 350 needy families at the Community Center of Tan Thoi Hiep, the birthplace of Thi Loan Strasser. The village is an hour away from Ho Chi Minh City and has about 13.000 inhabitants. After the Head of Foundation and the Mayor held a short speech in the main building, the event was relocated outside, where the packages were handed over.

The children got toys such as dolls and cars. To guarantee a smooth flow, they handed over slips of paper, which fixed an order according to which the families were supposed to get their assistant packages.

With the help of volunteers, we were able to plan the project in advance and to successfully realize it on-site. Therefore, we want to say thank you, again.