As the Head of Foundation, I personally feel connected with the foundation and its aim.

In winter of 1979, my mother, brother, and I arrived in Hamburg as the „Boat People“ of Cap Anamur. Before, we had been picked up in the Chinese sea, after we had to escape from our home country due to the consequences of war.

My family and I were brought to Munich by plain, subsequently. But since I wasn't used to the cold German climate, I fell sick with pneumonia, immediately. I was taken to the nearest hospital where I learned my first words in German.

Although, I easily settled in my new home, I have never forgotten my roots. It has always been my aim to give back at least a part of the luck that I have experienced to those who need help.

My husband has been supporting my intention from the very start, so we could finally realize our dream and found the Strasser Foundation. Since we have children ourselves, the smallest in our society – the children of this world form our center of attention.

Thi Loan Strasser